All possible routes from China and Southeast Asia to Russia

Rail Freight

Rail and container transportation
The best delivery option for your cargo. The perfect combination of price, delivery time and safety during transportation.

INTRUSCO is the owner of the container fleet. With us, all possible directions from China and Southeast Asia to Moscow are available to you. We work with Chinese railway carriers directly.
We have the opportunity to accept cargo for transportation even if other carriers on this route have refused it. We are positive that we will be able to offer the best option for the delivery of your cargo.

What you get is

Excellent service quality thanks to the highest competence combined with an extensive network of agents and exclusive carrier arrangements worldwide
All types of services
Export services on sender’s side, import to the door
Over 90 rail stations
in P.R.China and any station of Moscow Railway Hub. We organize transportation on all possible routes
Сервис 24/7
Multimodal transportation
Direct railway routes, multimodal routes – Sea+Rail, Road+Rail
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