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International Trade Outsourcing
Organization and support of cargo importing
International Trade Outsourcing - the service "outsourcing of foreign economic activity" or "technical importer" consists in receiving your cargo on a turnkey basis. We actively work with a wide range of product nomenclature. Our main origins are China and India.
We carry out the entire supply chain: search for a supplier of products abroad, conclusion of a contract of sale, production of the necessary certification, customs clearance, delivery of imported product to your door.

Supply chain

Search for a product supplier
We are looking for suppliers, choose the best, agree on the details of the purchase of goods, sign the supply contract.
Manufacturing Certification
Determine the need for certification. We will prepare the goods for import into the Russian Federation - we will receive: a certificate / declaration according to TR CU / TR EAEU, SGR, FSB notification, GOST R certificate / declaration.
Carrying out customs clearance
We will prepare a complete set of documents for clearance of goods,
We will forward the documents to the relevant authorities. We will pay all customs duties and fees.
Delivery of products «to the door»
We carry out the entire logistics chain - cargo pickup, international transportation, delivery to the recipient's warehouse.

What you get is

A comprehensive service for goods import: from the search for a supplier to the receipt of goods
High quality service
We solve any problems related to foreign economic activity
Complete service
An individual approach to organizing the delivery of goods for you
Сервис 24/7
Supplier search
We will purchase the necessary goods from trusted suppliers
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